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Don't tell anyone he's a Mariners fan

According to The Chicago Tribune, at this Thursdays game at Wrigley Field between the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves, Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard will sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”. We all know Ben is a huge fan of America’s pastime, and he’s even had similar honors in the past. A couple years ago he sang the National Anthem at a Phillies playoff game, and DCFC even performed “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” for the Mariners on their opening day a few seasons ago.

Check out videos of both below, and don’t forget to wish Ben good luck!

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”

“The National Anthem”

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This gem from the internet was just too hilarious not to post. Apparently, some gentlemen named Jose Dominguez has a little thing for indie-goddess/Ben Gibbard hubby, Zooey Deschanel. So much so that he has taken to the world wide web to recruit others in his quest to usurp Ben as Zooey’s number one man.

The only thing funnier than thinking of good ‘ol Jose angrily sitting down at his computer to exact his fury upon the masses, is the only comment that the inquiry has received so far, made by another misguided soul who has never even heard of Ben Gibbard.

I think we should all do our duty as fans and stand up against Death Cab for Cutie hate crimes. Or else, who knows what’ll be next — anti-Ben Gibbard Facebook groups, DCFC Haters Twitter feeds?  Read the post and comment away here. Stay strong Ben.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of Ben being awesome…

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Granted, it’s kind of a slow news day here at Death Cab News, these are still all kinds of awesome. This post for all of you out there with your band t-shirts and complete discographies who call yourselves diehard fans. Witness…truly fanatic devotion:

...you might want to hide that one from mom.

we have the facts and we're...getting arm tattoos?

Evidently, this guy also left the part of his brain that stops us from getting dumb tattoos in his summer skin.

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I guess it had to happen eventually. Brought to you by DJ An-Log and DJ Chanes…it’s the cleverly titled Death Cab and Jay-Z mash-up mixtape, Black Plans. Umm…Finally! Personally, there’s rarely a day I haven’t woken up and thought to myself, “What would ‘Summer Skin’ and ’99 Problems’ sound like mashed together?” Probably the most surprising thing about this mixtape is actually how well executed and produced most of the tracks are. Believe me, I was very skeptical at first, but An-Log and Chanes are able to mash tracks you would never expect were mashable (like “Crooked Teeth” and “Encore”) with startlingly successful results. Download the whole thing here. Full track list is below.

1. Brooklyn Baby!
2.Cath Life
3.Summer Problems
4.Coney Island
5.Brother’s Public Service Announcement
7.Crooked Teeth
8.Tiny Vessels
9.Title and Registration
10.American Stairs
11.Someday You Will Be Loved
12.We Looked Like Giants

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