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To commemorate their 15th anniversary, Pitchfork Media has been publishing some pretty cool, surprisingly not-douchey retrospective features all week. Today they re-posted an article from 2003, in which Ben Gibbard reflected on his 10 favorite songs by 80’s hit-makers, Hall & Oates. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not a fan of dated pop-R&B duos. In the article, Ben says:

I’ve been thinking about my REAL influences lately, and I’ve realized that the question should really go a little further back, a little deeper. Probably back to a time before I knew who Fugazi and Pavement were. For me, that time was the 80s, and it was in the music of Hall & Oates.

Read the whole article here (no “Maneater” Ben? Come on) and watch a classic Hall & Oates video below.

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They grow up so fast

Today, August 11th, is the 35th birthday of Death Cab for Cutie frontman and songwriter, Benjamin Gibbard! No celebrating for Ben though, as DCFC are smack in the middle of a long summer tour which stops tonight in Georgia.

As a nice treat, here’s a video of Ben teaching us how to cook and sharing some of his culinary philosophies. That Zooey Deschanel sure is one lucky gal.

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

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Suddenly, everything has changed

In a recent interview with Tulsa World, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne let spill that in the near future he and his band plan to collaborate with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. No word yet on exactly what form this collaboration will take, but with the Lips scheduled to put out an album by the end of the year, it’s possible Ben might be lending his talents to the next Flaming Lips LP. In the interview, Wayne said:

“I ran into Ben (Gibbard) at a festival last night and we just started talking. That’s how it happens … We play so many shows with interesting people. This is how I get to know them. Like when Ke$ha was in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago. I want to do something with her. It doesn’t have to be great. It’s just something interesting to do, something we can listen to later.” 

I don’t think i’ll be alone in saying that i’m a little bit more interested in the prospect of a Flaming Lips-Ben Gibbard collaboration than a Flaming Lips-Ke$ha collaboration. Coyne also stated that he plans to work with Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Ben is not shy about his longtime love for the Flaming Lips — the Postal Service covered The Soft Bulletin standout, “Suddenly Everything Has Changed” for their 2003 EP. You can download the cover below.

The Postal Service – Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Flaming Lips Cover)

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Here’s one for all the tech geeks out there. Yesterday Fuse.tv posted an interview with Chris Walla centered around the Death Cab guitarist’s extensive electronics arsenal. I personally understand about 8 words in this whole interview, but it’s cool to see Chris’ face light up like a little kid with his toys. Watch here, and try to annoy the incredibly annoying interviewer.

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Happy Birthday to Death Cab for Cutie drummer, Jason McGerr. He turns 37 today!

To celebrate, here’s a video of Jason giving us a quick drum lesson. For the record, i’m completely lost after about 15 seconds.

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