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Last week, when I asked you guys what your favorite Death Cab for Cutie album was, you answered definitively: Transatlanticism. So I figured for this weeks poll I’d be only natural to follow up and ask what your favorite song off your favorite album is. So…does “The New Year” get your motor running? Does “Title and Registration” send you into indie-pop nirvana? Does “Transatlanticism” make your heart weep for far away loved ones?

…Ok, a little too dramatic, I know.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to vote and get your favorite track into the top spot. And remember to leave a comment after you vote and give us the rationale behind your choice. Below you can find the poll as well as samples of every track. Have at it everyone!

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Well, the results are in for last weeks poll question, which was “What is your favorite DCFC album?” After a hard fought battle, the winner by just two votes is their 2003 breakthrough,  Transatlanticism.

This race was closer than I expected, with Plans leading for most of the week, only to be overtaken at the last minute. Somewhat surprisingly, We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes actually led the poll for a few days at the beginning of the week, only to eventually settle into a comfortable third place. Narrow Stairs came in fourth followed by The Photo Album then Something About Airplanes. 

Death Cab’s latest effort, Codes and Keys, had zero votes all week until finally managing a single vote just before closing. However that was not enough to save it from coming in dead last.

So, what do you guys think? Surprised? Angry? Not surprised at all? Don’t be afraid to share.

Below you can enjoy my personal favorite track from Transatlanticism, the heart-wrenching, slow burning title track. Also, stay tuned for next weeks poll!

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I decided to go with a simple one for this weeks poll. Choose below to get your favorite Death Cab album to the top spot and I’ll reveal the results next Friday.

When you vote, don’t forget to leave a comment to explain your choice, share your favorite track, or let everyone else know why their favorite album is inferior. I left some links to go along with each album in case you need to brush up on a little old-school DCFC. Have at it…

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Last week I asked you guys what your favorite track from Death Cab’s new album, Codes and Keys, was. A lot of people voted, and big surprise, the winner was the albums first single, “You Are a Tourist”. With over 25% of the votes, it got twice as many as the runner up, “Stay Young, Go Dancing”. My personal favorite, “St. Peter’s Cathedral” tied for third with “Home Is a Fire” and “Portable Television”. They each had 10% of the votes. The only track to not get a single vote was “Some Boys”. Come on now, it’s not that bad, is it?
What do you think of these results? Surprised? Confused? Enraged? Give a shout if you think your favorite track got the shaft.
In the meantime, check out the spacey music video for “You Are a Tourist” and stay tuned for this weeks new poll.

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For one week only, vote here to get your favorite song from Death Cab’s new album into the top spot. Results next Thursday.

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