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Coming via Spinner, the new music video for Death Cab’s Codes and Keys standout, “Stay Young, Go Dancing”. I must say I enjoyed this one much more than the “You Are a Tourist” video, mainly because it maintains the charming simplicity of the actual song, and ends up being pretty darn heartwarming. The video follows an older couple back in time, Benjamin Button style, as they dance through the decades of their romance.

Watch it here, and don’t forget to share your thoughts! Did you like it? Hate it? Debate away.

Also don’t forget to check back in after the guys start back up their tour on Friday, i’ll be providing full coverage, as usual.

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Last week I posted about a potential collaboration between Death Cab and fellow indie-veterans, The Flaming Lips. Now, thanks to Spinner, we have a few more juicy deets regarding the exciting prospect. Apparently, while Nick and Ben were giving an interview for Spinner at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, Lips frontman Wayne Coyne decided to drop in and emphatically suggested the two groups work together on a “three of four song EP”. Here’s the actual transcript (courtesy of Spinner).

Spinner: You didn’t have a “rock bottom” moment?

Ben Gibbard: I didn’t have a “rock bottom” moment, I just…

[Wayne Coyne sits down]

Coyne: I was given permission by the Warner [Music] guy that I could jump in.
[To Spinner] I have to talk to them about making some music.

I don’t know if you’re aware, but we’re doing these collaborations with a lot of different groups. We’ve done Neon Indian, do you know them?

Gibbard and Harmer: Yeah.

Coyne: Also Prefuse 73, he’s cool. I’ve got some Nick Cave tracks starting, I’ve got some Black Moth Super Rainbow; the one that’s just come out this week is Flaming Lips andLightning Bolt.

Gibbard: Oh, killer.

Coyne: So we should find a way to do a Flaming Lips/Death Cab three or four song EP.

Gibbard: Let’s do it!

Coyne: OK, now how do we do it? Do you have any extra junk laying around that you could send to me and I could add stuff to? Even if it’s a song you already have out or a different version of it. Don’t make it a big deal. If you have something that you could send us…

Gibbard: I know we have a couple things we were working on when we made this record. But I don’t know what state they’re in.

Nick Harmer: We could ask Chris [Walla, Death Cab guitarist and producer]. I know there are two songs that were unfinished for the album that are still great. I wouldn’t even say they’re unfinished.

Gibbard: We do have ‘Aimless Intellectual.’

Coyne: I look at it more like, ‘The Flaming Lips featuring…’ so it doesn’t feel like another group. But I don’t really care, I just thought if I asked, you’d say maybe you had some instrumental thing.

Gibbard: You know what, we could even use that ‘American Waltz’ thing.

Harmer: That would be great — we’ve got stuff around.

Gibbard: You know what, lets pow-wow on it. I think I have a [phone] number for you.

Coyne: Let me get my phone, it’s charging on the bus.

Gibbard [to Spinner]: OK, well, you got the scoop.

No word yet on if Wayne has had any more contact with any of the members of Death Cab regarding this EP, but i’ll have updates as soon as they come in. In the meantime, here’s a free download of The Postal Service’s cover of The Flaming Lips’ “Suddenly Everything Has Changed”.

The Postal Service – Suddenly Everything Has Changed (The Flaming Lips Cover)

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For one week only, vote here to get your favorite song from Death Cab’s new album into the top spot. Results next Thursday.

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