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To commemorate their 15th anniversary, Pitchfork Media has been publishing some pretty cool, surprisingly not-douchey retrospective features all week. Today they re-posted an article from 2003, in which Ben Gibbard reflected on his 10 favorite songs by 80’s hit-makers, Hall & Oates. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not a fan of dated pop-R&B duos. In the article, Ben says:

I’ve been thinking about my REAL influences lately, and I’ve realized that the question should really go a little further back, a little deeper. Probably back to a time before I knew who Fugazi and Pavement were. For me, that time was the 80s, and it was in the music of Hall & Oates.

Read the whole article here (no “Maneater” Ben? Come on) and watch a classic Hall & Oates video below.

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If you’re like me and live somewhere along the east coast, then you’ve been melting away the past few days in this ungodly heatwave. So I figured it’d be good to do a countdown of the best Death Cab songs to listen to during these scorching Summer months. I’m not promising that any of these tracks will make you any cooler, but at least they might distract you when you’re sweating through your shirt and sticking to your couch. Let me know if you think I missed any.

5.) Home Is A Fire (from Codes & Keys) : This one is for all the folks out there without AC. God help you.


4.) We Laugh Indoors (from The Photo Album) : When the temperature rises, sometimes staying inside is the only answer.


3.) Crooked Teeth (from Plans) : “It was 100 degrees as we sat beneath the willow tree.” This one is perfect for summer jaunts in parks, fields, even cities. As long as you’re fine with braving the heat.


2.) Summer Skin (from Plans) : Let’s face it, when winter rolls around and we’re freezing our asses off…a heat wave once and a while won’t seem so bad. This is a song for wishing it was summer all year round.


1.) Passenger Seat (from Transatlanticism) : This one gets the top spot because when you listen to it you can almost feel the cool wind blowing in your face when you roll your car window down on a hot day. It’s calm, cool and serene –all the ingredients of a heat wave cure.

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