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Leave it to Death Cab to make me eat my words. Just yesterday I complained that they didn’t mix up their setlist enough on this new leg of their tour. Well, they must have read my complaint because at last nights show in Illinois they played a set full of super-rare tracks that haven’t seen the light of day all tour, including “Blacking Out the Friction” and “St. Peter’s Cathedral”. They even threw in my personal favorite, “Title Track”.

Below, as usual, I’ve provided a full setlist from the show. Check back later today for some free downloads! I’m waiting for some decent audio to come out before I post anything. Stay tuned.

If anyone was there, give a shout and let us know how it was! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more info/downloads/videos for this show and others. Enjoy!

1. I Will Possess Your Heart
2. Crooked Teeth
3. Why You’d Want To Live Here
4. A Movie Script Ending
5. Doors Unlocked and Open
6. Long Division
7. Grapevine Fires
8. Codes and Keys
9. Summer Skin
10. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
11. Title Track
12. You Are a Tourist
13. The New Year
14. President of What?
15. Some Boys
16. Soul Meets Body
17. Stay Young, Go Dancing
18. Cath…
19. We Looked Like Giants
20. The Sound of Settling

21. Home Is a Fire
22. Blacking Out the Friction
23. St. Peter’s Cathedral
23. Transatlanticism

“Stay Young, Go Dancing”


“I Will Follow You Into the Dark”

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